The health drink we’re all obsessing over now is just one in the history of many.

Chlorophyll Water

Cheers, everyone! It’s time to get out your mason jar, we’re drinking chlorophyll. Whether you buy water pre-chlorophylled or add it yourself, you’ll be joining countless people all drinking the compound, which asserts a variety of health benefits.

Morgan Greenwald writes in NBC News, “Chlorophyll is the pigment found in plants that gives them their green hue.” Chlorophyll drops and liquid supplements, however, actually contain chlorophyllin, “a semi-synthetic mixture of water-soluble sodium copper salts derived from chlorophyll,” according to the Micronutrient Information Center of Oregon State University. …

Behold, the cute design that’s taking over the internet.


The layered heart pattern. It’s everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. On sweaters on Instagram and Pinterest, as people’s iPhone wallpapers, and on designs from internet darling Wildflower Cases.

The pattern consists of layers of alternating shades of red and pink in a heart shape, creating an effect that catches the eye even while the design itself is pretty simple. It even resembles a Valentine’s Day card that you might have made with glue and some construction paper as a child. The pattern also frequently appears in brown and green, as shown below in photos found on Pinterest.

Today’s accessories of choice are weirder and wackier than ever.

Tarot Card Earrings by The Pulp Girls, artwork by Pamela Coleman

In 2021, anything can be an earring — a gummy worm, a cherry pie, even a Monster Energy Drink. When it comes to earrings and jewelry as a whole, the boundaries are being pushed like never before. Beads, paint, metal, and clay are used to create wearable art, to experiment, to embrace one’s personal style, to make a statement.

So-called “statement” jewelry is not a new thing. In fact, several years ago, very decorative, opulent pieces of jewelry — necklaces in particular — were extremely popular. One could find such necklaces at the boutique Francesca’s (where I got mine) or…

Small displays of appreciation and kindness online are what it’s all about.

@wholesomeness.png on Instagram

Valentine’s Day can be a polarizing holiday. If you have a date or are in a relationship, then it is a day of celebration and happiness, full of candy and roses and ~love~. But if you don’t, the 14th can make you feel lonely and sad, and you may spend it lamenting all of the happy couples around you and the blatant commercialization of it all — of the teddy bears and fancy dinners and heart-shaped boxes of chocolate.

But this year, maybe things are a little different? Recognizing that this is a tough time for everyone (if that even…

Taking a journey through my TikTok Favorites — the ultimate digital wonderland

Corrupted or deleted TikToks showing a grey void
Corrupted or deleted TikToks showing a grey void
Some deleted TikToks from my favorites.

Recently, in order to commemorate the whirlwind of a year that was 2020, I decided to go through all my favorited TikToks, back to about January, which was when I started using the app consistently. As I begin my scrolling journey, I pass through the various eras and layers of TikTok (DeepTok, anyone??), through filters and glittering pixels, through beat drops and edits, and intricately choreographed dances.

But amidst all of that, there are spaces in my Favorites page where there is just…nothing. Instead of there being a TikTok, there is just a gray rectangle with a broken video icon…

This Vivienne Westwood choker is on everyone’s Pinterest boards.

Mini Bas Relief Choker

Instagram influencers, TikTokers such as Ellie Zeiler and Vinnie Hacker, and seemingly every girl on your Pinterest feed is wearing it. With its string of pearls and sparkling orb charm, the Vivienne Westwood Mini Bas Relief Choker has become the newest must-have in any fashion-forward person’s jewelry collection.

The choker is currently available in Rhodium Crystal Pearl (a silver color), Gold-Tone, and Pink Gold-Tone. The charm in the middle, which is also the Vivienne Westwood logo, is a combination of the Sovereign’s Orb and the rings of Saturn. …

Does the classic YouTube tradition still hold up in 2020?


Let’s travel back in time to a cold December day many years ago. After a long day at middle (or high) school, you bundle up and walk home enduring the winter chill, until, after what seems like forever, you finally reach your home, quickly getting your homework done so you can get on to something way more important. That thing? Vlogmas.

You make yourself a cup of delicious hot chocolate and open up YouTube, eagerly clicking on your favorite YouTuber’s newest installation of the internet’s favorite holiday tradition, reveling in festivity and winter spirit.

So, What is Vlogmas? The Beginnings…

Vlogmas was created in 2011 by…

Behold, the stuffed animal that has taken over the internet.

via Evies Toy House on YouTube

If you’re at all familiar with the stuffed animal market, then you’ve surely noticed that recently, there’s one brand that people just can’t stop talking about — Squishmallows. Squishmallows are soft, squishy, cuddly animals that come in a variety of different colors and sizes. According to the Squishmallows website, they’ve been around since 2017, but in the last several months they have gained tons of fans, with the Squishmallows Instagram account now up to 220,000 followers.

But with so many different brands of stuffed animals to choose from, what makes Squishmallows so special? And why have they become so popular…

In 2020, to tell a teacher “thank you,” students have to get creative.

via queenofrelax11 on Redbubble

I heard it in almost every class I was taking leading up to the end of my first semester in college: “If we were in-person, we would do this…” “Normally we’d have a party on the last day of class…” “The end of the semester usually doesn’t look like this, but…”

Although it seems obvious by this point, it’s true — this semester hasn’t been at all normal. And yet it is the end of it, those last few classes before winter break, that perhaps feels the weirdest. While we have (to the extent possible) developed friendships with our classmates…

Some thoughts on the last few months: school, writing, and more.

This image just about sums up the last several months.

I’m not normally a huge stickler about following traditional writing advice or “rules”— “write every day” being a very common one. But as I’m thinking about this advice now, I can definitely understand why it’s a thing — and maybe it’s not so much about not writing one day, but about what happens when that one day becomes two, and then three, and then four. And then suddenly it’s been a month (or two or three) and you realize you haven’t really put out anything.

For the last few months, I’ve taken a bit of a break from writing. Not…

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