On Taking a Break

Some thoughts on the last few months: school, writing, and more.

Kristin Merrilees


This image just about sums up the last several months.

I’m not normally a huge stickler about following traditional writing advice or “rules”— “write every day” being a very common one. But as I’m thinking about this advice now, I can definitely understand why it’s a thing — and maybe it’s not so much about not writing one day, but about what happens when that one day becomes two, and then three, and then four. And then suddenly it’s been a month (or two or three) and you realize you haven’t really put out anything.

For the last few months, I’ve taken a bit of a break from writing. Not completely — I’ve written a bit for my college’s chapter of HerCampus, and of course, there have been essays and things for school (and I also was an episode of one of my best friend’s, Molly Van Gorp’s, podcast “Get Cultured”). But I haven’t really written pieces like I did this summer — on things I find on TikTok, youth culture, etc. Things that really excite me and where I have essentially complete creative control, as opposed to an essay for school.

This last summer was a good one for me writing-wise — having time due to quarantine, I was writing or at least thinking of writing almost every day. In August I wrote about Christmas TikTok for The New York Times, and I also had two longer pieces that I wrote together with…